How to plan the most romantic weekend ever: 8 tips

A weekend trip with your partner is something to really look forward to. But do you want to make it extra special and romantic? Read this blog with 8 tips and you will have a wonderful and very romantic weekend together.

1. Book a secret destination

If you are the one that is planning the trip, book a destination without the other one knowing. This increases the effect of excitement and a surprise is always nice. But, is your partner not really a ‘I-love-surprises’ kind of person? Then do make sure that you know for 100% that this destination will make your other half happy.

2. Give spoilers

How fun is it to give spoilers and pamper your partner along the way to the weekend. Every day for a week you can give a spoiler in a nice way.

Say you planned a trip to Paris. One day you can have breakfast with croissants and the next day you are enjoying a nice wine with French cheese together. Be creative!

3. Book restaurants in advance

Nothing is so annoying as to walk around in a city with a hungry feeling and you are still looking for that one perfect restaurant where the food is delicious and the atmosphere is comfy. Therefore you should always book some restaurants in advance. Do you have a partner that can get a little bit ‘hangry’? (Like me: yes I confess, I can get pretty hangry sometimes). Then you should definitely follow this tip

4. Hide handwritten notes

I love this one so much! I haven’t really done this (neither did my boyfriend) but we should definitely introduce this. It is so sweet. Write handwritten notes and hide them everywhere: in a jacket, a suitcase, under a pillow, in a pocket, wallet and all the other places that you can think of. You can write just a sweet note that says how much you like your other half, or that the note can be exchanged for a kiss. It cannot get more romantic!

5. Bring candles

Candles are always good to set the perfect mood. Bring some small candles and surprise your loved one with a romantic evening in the hotel. If you are going for the ultimate romantic evening, don’t forget to bring rose petals.

6. Wear sexy lingerie

Well guys, this tip is of course more for the ladies. But you will definitely benefit from it. I know I don’t have to explain more.

7. Bring massage oil

Have you ever had a massage without the massage oil? Well it is just not that nice as one with oil. So is your partner always begging for a massage (like me), bring some massage oil and make your girl or man absolutely relaxed for the rest of the trip. Or if you don’t want to bring oil or forgot it, book a couple massage at the local spa.

8. The smallest things are sometimes the best

If you want to be romantic, don’t forget one thing: it doesn’t always have to be big to be romantic. The smallest things and details can make a person smile and even love you more.

Do you guys have any tips to make a weekend trip even more romantic? Let me know in a comment below.

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