Amsterdam Light Festival

This year is (almost was) the fifth edition of the annual Amsterdam Light Festival. The festival is for all ages and is located in the old part of the city centre. More then 35 artworks from international artists, designers and architects are spread in the center of the city. These creative artworks light up the city in December and January.

I really like this festival as it makes the city even more festive during these months. The artworks are all different, with or without all kinds of colours, small or big, located on the water or on land. You will find all sorts of beautiful creations.

Two Light Routes

The artworks are located alongside two different routes. You have the Water Colours, which is the boat route and there is the Illuminade, the walking route.

The Water Colours boat route is a unique way to experience the city, for both visitors and Amsterdam residents. It will take about 75 minutes by boat and takes you along, under and through spectacular light artworks. This route is (of course) not for free. Here you can check out which companies are working together with the Amsterdam Light Festival and how much it will cost you.

In the neighbourhoods Weesper and Plantage you can find the walking route Illuminade. The route takes you past 23 light artworks, from historical buildings to dynamic lighting systems in city parks. This enjoyable route is for free and a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the city and the festival. And of course you can stop everywhere for a warm drink or delicious food.

Unfortunately the festival is almost over, but you don’t have to worry. It will be back next year and I am sure it will be as pretty as this year. Here are some photos of the beautiful light artworks that I saw when I biked through the city.

If you have time to go this weekend, then go! After Sunday you have to wait for a whole year again.

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