Blue Duck Station in the Whanganui National Park

If you want to get off the beaten track, Blue Duck Station is the perfect destination for you. This is also one of my favourite places on the North Island of New Zealand, so I just have to share this with you guys. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover, then you will fall in love with Blue Duck Station.

Blue Duck Station

Blue Duck Station is a 5200-acre high country farm that is a working station and an environmental conservation leader. It is located in the Ruapehu District and surrounded by Whanganui National Park. They focus on the protection of native birdlife, and especially the critically endangered Blue Duck (now you know where they get their name from).

There is so much to do here and there is the absolute danger that you fall in love with Blue Duck Station and never ever want to leave anymore.

If you are lucky you can observe the Blue Duck in real life during a kayak trip down the Retaruke River or walking along the Kaiwhakauka track above the waterfall. I was really lucky to see a Blue Duck during my kayak trip. (Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, it was taken by an older mobile phone.)

You can go on a Bush Safari, where they will show you the farm and tell you all about the environment and animals that live there. If you are lucky you get accompanied by one of the many cute dogs that they have there.

Another activity you can do is clay birds shooting or a horse trek through the beautiful national park. The horse trek is highly recommendable, the view is just breathtaking!

I absolutely totally fell in love with Blue Duck Station, how they work there and how they preserve and care about the nature and animals that they are surrounded by. If you feel connected with what they do, you can sponsor a pest trap and follow Blue Duck Station online. They always look for volunteers who want to work on the farm. Warning: there is no mobile phone connection. So it is just you, the people that work there and of course mother nature!


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