Book Review – The Light between Oceans

I finally finished the book ‘The Lights between Oceans’ that I mentioned in January. Oops shame on me. I did not expect that it would take me three months to finish it. That has nothing to do with the book by the way, but more with the lack of time to read and enjoy it. Now that I finally finished it I can tell you guys how I experienced the book.

Book Review – The Light between Oceans

I expected it to be a very emotional rollercoaster with quite some sad moments, but I did not experience the book in that way. Perhaps those moments will come when you watch the movie. But that doesn’t mean that the book was not good, I did like it actually.

The book has its predictable moments, but sometimes also very unexpected things happen. For this you have to be in the last chapters of the book when the secret of Tom and Isabel comes out, and they have to give back their child to her biological mother Hannah. Isabel, as a mother who loses her daughter, is torn between hate and sadness towards Tom. But in the end she chooses Tom, and not for Lucy. This really surprised me, because the author wrote the plot in a way that you expect Isabel hates Tom so much that she will do everything to get her baby girl back.

The writing style of M.L. Stedman is nice, but a bit slow. It is therefore easy to read as she takes her time to tell the story to you. She also writes in such a detailed way that you can almost see Janus with your own eyes. It is too bad though that it took me three months after all to read it, but life took over.

I am really curious about how you guys experienced this book! Let me know in a comment below!

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