Paris Bucket List

The charm of Paris is legendary, and for good reason. Inviting sidewalk cafes, hidden streets, fancy boutiques, world-class museums, romantic gardens, fairy tale buildings and renowned restaurants. Paris is elegant, fashionable, confident, and inspiring at every turn.

How often have I dreamed visiting Paris and now the moment was finally here. As the city has so much to offer, it is wise to make a list of all the things to do, see, eat and experience in Paris. Therefore I made this Bucket List. This way you can make the best of your stay in Paris.

Paris Bucket List

1. Go to the Eiffel Tower

Well hello, this one is very obvious. If you have time and are a patient person, you should go stand in line and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

2. Notre Dame

Visit one of the highlights of Paris: the Notre Dame. This gorgeous Cathedral is very famous (also from the book and movie The Hunchback of the Notre Dame) and if you go to the top of the Notre Dame it will also provide you with a stunning view over Paris.

3. See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

You can’t go to Paris and haven’t seen the Mona Lisa. Why? Because it is sort of obligatory, do take into account that there will be a lot of tourists trying to take a selfie with the Mona Lisa (which I do not really understand). But make also sure to see other art in the Louvre as it definitely will be impressive.

4. Stroll through the Jardin des Tuileries

Step out of the Louvre and enjoy the beauty of Jardin des Tuileries. Catch some sunlight and fresh air while relaxing a bit after your stroll through the Louvre.

5. Entertainment night at Crazy Horse or Moulin Rouge

Ready for a fun evening out? Go to a cabaret show at Crazy Horse or Moulin Rouge.

6. Climb the stairs to Sacre Coeur

I can highly recommend this. Why? First of all, the Sacre Coeur is a beautiful building just to look at and second, it will give you a breathtaking view over Paris. If you are lucky there is also a street musician, where you can listen to while sitting in the sun.

7. Discover hidden streets in Montmartre

Explore the streets of Montmartre, a famous neighborhood where the likes of van Gogh and Renoir once lived. This area is still known for its artistic vibe, shops and cafes.

8. Get a painting drawn of you in Montmartre

If you walk up to the Sacre Coeur enough artists will ask you if they can make a drawing of you. A very touristy thing to do, but most of all a fun experience.

9. Enjoy a fancy high tea

Fancy a luxurious afternoon? Then a high tea in Paris is always a good idea. Go to Nina’s if you like the pink and girly Marie-Antoinette style or to Hôtel Plaza Athénée when you want the perfect Parisian high tea.

10. Walk along the Seine

The calm and graceful Seine, a perfect spot to get away from the busy streets of Paris

11. Get a nice little gift at Colette’s

This shop is the perfect place to get a small gift for yourself or someone else.  It has everything from books, accessories and clothes. Be prepared though, it is a very busy store!

12. Rooftop Bar

You can get great views from the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur or Arc de Triomphe but how about a view from a rooftop bar while enjoying a delicious drink?

13. Walk all the way on the Champs-Elysees

Yes, this is a thing that you should do. Not for the shopping (which the street is mainly famous for right now) but just that you can say: went there, done that.

14. Visit the Catacombs

Descend 91 steps down and venture into the Parisian underworld.

15. Dinner at Derriere’s

This restaurant put some effort into creating a special atmosphere. The ‘comfy-home’ style creates a warm place for a nice dinner.

16. Go to Andy Wahloo’s for a cocktail

This cocktail bar has the same owner as Derriere. It is directly next to the restaurant and you have to ring a bell to enter this bar. Order an exotic cocktail and watch how they make it with focused precision.

17. Drink a hot chocolate at Angelina’s

If you are a chocolate fan, you just have to do this. No arguing here.

18. Day trip to Disneyland

Satisfy your inner child and go to the land of happiness.

19. Eat a street Crêpe

And do not forget to put nutella on it. Trust me.

20. Day trip to Versailles Palace

I just love every glorious castle as it is the perfect place to dream about fairytales. If you feel the same, you should go on a day trip to Versailles Palace.

21. Bike ride along the Seine

As I am from the Netherlands, where bikes are one of the main means of transportations, I definitely want to do this in Paris one day. Should be a lot of fun!

22. Get into Roue de Paris on Place de la Concorde

This is the biggest (transportable) ferrist wheel in Paris, so why would you skip it?

23. Wall of Love

Can it get more romantic? This wall carries the phrase “I love you” in 311 times in 250 languages. You can find it in Montmartre.

24. Enjoy the afternoon sun in Jardin du Luxembourg

Relax, walk and enjoy a nice afternoon in the cute seats that you can find there.

25. Drink a good cup of coffee in Montmartre

While most people go to Montmartre for the Sacre Coeur, make sure to afterwards go directly in the other direction and find a local coffee shop. This way you can experience Montmartre away from all the tourists.

26. Watch a movie at Cinema du Pantheon

It is one of the oldest cinemas in Paris and after watching the movie you can grab some food or drinks at Le Salon.

27. Buy a handmade painting

If it is not a painting made of you, then you should at least buy a fine-looking painting of Paris.

28. Picnic under the Eiffel Tower

Bring a friend or your lover to Paris and have a cute picnic under one of the most famous buildings in Paris.

29. Dine at Il Vino’s

This restaurant has a very special concept. You order the wine and then the chef will make you a dinner that fits with the wine. So if you always have trouble when it comes to ordering food, but not when it comes to order wine, this is the perfect solution for you!

30. Eat a croissant for breakfast

Do as the French do.

Of course this list is way too long for just one weekend, so I have enough reasons to go back to Paris and eat more croissants.

Let me know if you have things that should be added to this Bucket List!

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